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“I Was Setup” – Meek Mill Speaks From Prison

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Meek Mill is speaking from the prison where he’s serving his controversial sentence and insists the judicial system set him up to fail… from jump street.

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Meek talked by phone to Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News about the 2-4 years Judge Genece Brinkley gave him, and he says the real problem started way back in 2008 when he was convicted on gun and drug charges.

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Meek feels the 10 years probation he got way back then made it nearly impossible for him to avoid getting tossed in prison. As he puts it, a simple jaywalking ticket would’ve been enough for Brinkley to lock him up … under the law.

The Philly rapper’s case is drawing national attention now and he’s getting tons of high-profile support as critics question Judge Brinkley’s sentence.

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Despite the pressure, she’s refused to recuse herself or grant Meek a bail hearing.

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